Meet The Inspector

J&B Discovery Inspections is a family-owned and operated home inspection company serving the Metropolitan Washington area since 2001. Berlin Dean, a licensed and certified home inspector, is focused on educating his clients, as well as performing comprehensive, fair, and objective inspections. You can expect Dean to go the extra mile during every inspection to ensure his client is as well-informed as possible.

An Experienced Inspector

What’s the possibility the new house will be free of major deficiencies? What’s the possibility a remodeled house having accumulative minor deficiencies that result in major expenses?

Well let’s leave it to the experienced, licensed home inspector.

A good home inspection should provide the following:

  • The confidence of eliminating preconceived risk.
  • Explains newfound knowledge of repairing, maintaining and/or improving conditions.
  • Allows the client confidence to make a quality decision.
  • In some cases, the inspection becomes leverage at settlement.
  • Maintain the ethics and high standards deserving of your experience with us.

An inspection should be an investigation of discovery. An analysis of deficiencies that may not be readily apparent. It is not an embellishment of conditions. It includes troubleshooting and performance testing of appliances. In most cases, it’s a classroom of educating the client of new and old construction methods, materials and technology in laymen terms.

Went above and beyond by giving me advice about selecting contractors; just an outstanding experience. — Barbara T.

Serving Maryland, Virginia, and Washington