Meet The Inspector

J&B Discovery Inspections is a family-owned and operated home inspection company serving the Metropolitan Washington area since 2001. Berlin Dean, a licensed and certified home inspector, is focused on educating his clients, as well as performing comprehensive, fair, and objective inspections. You can expect Dean to go the extra mile during every inspection to ensure his client is as well-informed as possible. At J&B Discovery Inspections, we continue to remain available after each and every inspection should any further questions arise.

What to Expect

Our inspections enable you to take control of your real estate transaction by helping to:

  • Provide you with facts and information needed to make an insightful decision. 
  • Be an information source for investors, property owners, and real estate professionals. 
  • Identify potential problems. 
  • Make recommendations for solutions, repairs, or upgrades. 
  • Take measure of your investment decision. 
  • Maintain the ethics and high standards deserving of your experience with us. 

Dean is simply the best! Extremely knowledgeable and thorough, he was a pleasure to work with.— Marguerit J.

Serving the Washington Metropolitan AreaIncluding Washington, DC & Montgomery, Prince George’s & Howard Counties