Very good! That's the rating that I am giving J&B Material Management. The service was EXCELLENT from the first conversation that I had with Mr. Dean to the last. He explained the home inspection process and allowed me to ask as many questions as I had. He was very knowledgeable, confident, and patient. With every finding, Mr. Dean had a recommendation that was easy to understand. Wow, J&B Material Management allowed me to have a positive home buying experience all around.

— Monique H., Washington, DC

The recommendations proved to be just what the doctor ordered in regards to Mr. Dean's analysis of the heating and air conditioning system... they were reinforced by the HVAC contractor we called later.

— A. P., Capitol Hill

We were worried. But Berlin explained the cause of the water problem, then gave the recommendations. His recommendations saved us a bundle as compared with the advice of the contractor.

— Justice M., Silver Spring MD

We were confident after the walkthrough with the J&B representative.

— R. R., Fairfax, VA

Extremely knowledgeable inspector, very thorough: took time with me, explained things very clearly, went above and beyond by giving me advice about selecting contractors; just an outstanding experience.

— Barbara T., Washington, DC

I guess you never know what your getting into if you don't call a professional. The J&B Material Management team was a great choice. It was thoroughly educational and insightful.

— Walker D., Waldorf MD

Berlin was amazingly thorough and very knowledgeable. He walked me through each issue, why it was important to fix it, and then how to fix it. I feel like I know this house back to front after the walkthrough. Would highly recommend him!

He is thorough and doesn't cut corners. He takes the time needed to complete the inspection. He doesn’t rush.

— Bruce M.

Test for Toxic Material and Mold. Dean is simply the best! Extremely knowledgeable and thorough, he was a pleasure to work with.

— Marguerit J., Washington, DC

Dean is a pro. He's knowledgeable, thorough, and reasonable. He examined every aspect of my potential new home from the roof down to the crawl space. He was patient, answered my questions, proposed solutions to problems, and as a nice added bonus, he worked to make sure the house was every bit as clean when he was done as it was when he started. I would definitely hire him again.

You can tell Mr.Dean enjoys his trade... my wife and I enjoyed his thorough examination. The inspection was much more than we expected.

— H.J. Hadley

I’m continually impressed by HomeAdvisor professionals. This one showed up the next day and was great! My radon stuff is all set up and done.

— Gerry W., Ashburn, VA

My wife and I are considering selling our condo and we also had pipes replaced. We wanted to have inspection done to identify any issues that could impact a sale and, specifically, provide a second opinion on the pipe replacement to ensure that quality work was done.

This inspection was one of the most thorough and comprehensive I have ever experienced. I re-financed my condo a few times and had to have inspections done. Those took less than 30 minutes. This inspector showed up on time and not only did an in-depth assessment, he took the time to walk us with him to explain his findings and answer questions. He spent time in bathrooms, the washer closet, the water heater room, etc. He even went into the crawl space above our condo and took us with him. He was there for a few hours and we never felt like he rushed and he patiently answered our questions. This also showed that he didn’t cram appointments into a day, which allowed him to spend the required time with his customers. I really felt like he wanted us to have the most accurate assessment about our home.

To top it all off, he emailed us a copy of the inspection report a week and half later. Surprisingly, he was less expensive than the other inspectors I have worked with in the past.

Very thorough home inspection. Inspector was eager to walk me through every component of the home, ensure that I understood the repairs that needed to be made, and how to effectively operate and extend the life of

the equipment in the home. Home inspection report included photos with descriptions of work needed and estimated costs. Inspector was also responsive to follow-up questions by email and even offered to review proposed work from a contractor and provide his notes.

Dean is the best inspector I've worked with so far. He paid every attention to details and pointed out many problems with the house. Unlike some other inspectors, Dean really want to get those dirty and dark corners to help the buyer figure out the potential issue. Also, although we called him the last minute, he didn't arbitrarily charge us a higher price unlike some other inspectors did to me. I like Dean and I trust him to inspect my home - would definitely hire him again!

Mr. Dean completed his 8th home inspection for me in March. He has advised me since my first home purchase in 2008. (I was young and fearless and good thing I had him to help me identify issues). As I have moved from a 1st time buyer to small time landlord, Mr. Dean has been there each step of the way helping me make great investment decisions. What separates him from others is he likes to follow up after the inspections and closing to ensure you have the right info to fix the issues you identified at your home inspection. Not many contractors in DC follow up! Lastly Dean is not afraid to tell you to walk away from your dream home if you have major issues (e.g foundation issues). I want someone willing to tell me the truth, not my Agent's favorite inspector. Go with Dean and, like others I have recommend him to, you will be happy!

Why do I like Discovery Home Inspections? Because Mr. Dean is honest, hard working, experienced and always willing to tell you the truth about the house he is inspecting. Let's be honest, no one wants to hear all the problems with their dream home they have under contract but wouldn't you rather have the truth up front before you close on the house?

It was a great experience. If you know nothing about home inspections, he will teach and walk you through it. He takes his time which is good. He showed up on time which can be rare in this industry. If you feel that he missed something, he will be glad to look over it. Very open to answering all of your questions.

The Angie's List representative informed me of the A rated provider, J&B Discovery Inspections, where the rep did a conference call to allow me to speak with Berlin of J&B Discovery Inspections. Berlin went above and beyond, EXCEEDED the needs. He gave me lots of advice and I will follow up on the suggestions he gave me. In terms of public trust and honesty, he outdid himself. I've had numerous occasions with other providers not being honest after purchasing offers online. It seems that what the other companies offer online and what they offer in real life are different and misleading. It was refreshing to speak with someone who was upfront about my needs and what I should do next.

J&B has an exceptional level of professionalism. They are responsive, thorough, and meet all deadlines. In addition, very personable! I've used them for personal projects and now they are working with my clients. J&B is reliable and trustworthy as well. I had a carbon monoxide scare in 2016. A contractor told me I needed to replace my boiler for $5000. I consulted with J&B and they discovered blockage in my chimney - it simply needed to be cleaned so the boiler had ventilation. That costs me $350! J&B saved me $4650! I am an interior designer/real estate developer. I now use J&B to inspect existing conditions for all my architectural projects, potential investment properties, and for my clients to assist them in home buying decisions.

He is thorough and doesn’t cut corners. He takes the time needed to complete the inspection. — Bruce M.

Serving Maryland, Virginia, and Washington